Present No Fiction, Fear No Tense

by Early & Often



released June 15, 2011

Recorded Nov. 2010 - Jan. 2011 at The Barn + Jeff's Apartment

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Jeff Wright



all rights reserved


Early & Often Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Under The Phase
teeth and bones don't trust your soul
the marks aren't healed, you can't go home
you bite down on your nails
you bite down all your sin

don't hold to the cold
I know it will pull you under the phase
and still I escape forgetting my name
lethal without embrace, the summer I still can't take

and still, you're lying there dead in the wake of my dreams
washed up on the face of my past
and still, you're lying there dead in the wake of my dreams locked up in the face of my past

are you dead? or just false to my feelings?
I thought I changed this phase, I pushed it in the way
that summer I can't take
this season I can't shake, that summer I can't take
Track Name: The Feast
feast on your sense of urgency
use the pen to write all your transgressions

I watched them dissemble their happiness and rearrange the particles, leaving only emptiness to blame for all their hardened veins...
and I know, I know it's darker and I'm just bones and I'm sober but I don't care anymore
Track Name: False Victories
I've been sleeping in the light
I've been making up excuses for my whole life
and I know the book can never lie
I just wanted to show you from the pale side
who the hell are you?
dead to me, you've been
Track Name: No Fiction
Fear not the tense I've contrived
Don't lie to yourself that way

Babe, now I see you
You were gone but now I see you..